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Other masters have also taken on social inequality, whereas sometimes putting their own lives on the line in their attempts to change political and social conditions for spiritual revival and improved living conditions. Sufism’s missionary activities have led to an increased number of their faithful. It is impossible to overstate the importance the spiritual education, as well as inculcation of such virtues as veneration of the prophet, faith in the love of God, piety, and trust in God. Sufism’s dhikr formulas are still preservative of their quieting and consoling power that it has on the illiterate. Persian literature and literature that influenced Persian literature is permeated by mysticism. This literature has aided millions by being a source of happiness. However, several modernists have argued against this literature because of its narcotic-like influence on the thoughts of Muslims. However, modern life and the effects of industrialization have caused a constant decline in Sufism’s influence in many states. People who attempt to show that mysticism and modern science conform have preserved the order’s spiritual heritage. This is because mysticism is central to the beliefs of the order. 2. Explain in detail the five pillars of Islam The five pillars of Islam are the most important Islamic pillars. These are five obligations that all Muslims are required to satisfy so as to live a responsible and good Islamic life. The first pillar is “Shahadah”, which is a basic statement that states that there is no God, but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger. This statement is the basic one in Islam with those who cannot recite the statement wholeheartedly considered as non-Muslims. Muslims who recite this statement proclaim that they will obey all Islamic commitments in their life; Allah is the only God, and Muhammad is his prophet; and that they accept the statement to be true. The second pillar of Islam is “Salat”, which are the obligatory prayers said by Muslims five times a day. Allah ordered that Muslims pray every day at five set times. These are; Salat al-fair, which is at dawn, Salat al-zhur, which is at midday, Salat al-‘asr, which is just before the sun sets, Salat-al-maghrib, which is said just following sunset, and Salat al-‘isha, which is said between midnight and sunset. Every Muslim tries to abide by the set times with even children encouraged to pray. The third pillar of Islam, Zakat, refers to the compulsory giving to charity of a particular proportion of a person’s wealth. Muslims as a form of self-purification and worship regard Zakat. It is not referent to charitable gifts from Muslims given out of generosity or even kindness; however, it refers to systematic offering of 2.5% of a Muslim person’s wealth every year for the benefit of poor people. Sawm is the fourth pillar of Islam with a requirement for all Muslims to fast on Ramadan. During the entire period of Ramadan, every adult Muslim is required to give up various things, including sexual activity, smoking of any kind, as well as food and drink. The fifth and final pillar of Islam is Hajj. Once every year, there is a gathering in Mecca of diverse groups of Muslims praising Allah together in front of the Kaaba. It is meant for the promotion of sisterhood and brotherhood among Muslims to show that they are all equal ...Show more


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Islam 1. Explain the importance of Sufism. Why is mysticism attractive? Sufism shaped a large part of Islam. Orthodox Muslims disagree with various aspects of Sufism, such as the visiting of tombs, saint worship, adaptation of un-Islamic and non-Islamic customs, belief in miracles, musical performances, as well as monastic Islamic interpretation…
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Islam essay example
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