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Name Course Instructor Date Biblical Exegetical Paper In this text “And He was transfigured before them; and His face shone like the sun, and His garments became as white as light" (Oden, 24) the historical and significant event of transfiguration has been explained.


The apostles could see Jesus transfigure into another form, a great light which covered Jesus Christ and there was a voice that came from the sky. The apostles could see each and every thing during this process and they were afraid to see bright lights everywhere and they lay on the ground but Jesus went to them and told them not to worry as this is the blessing of the God. This verse also means that the God wanted to show his blessings on Jesus in front of the apostles so that faith of apostles can get more strong and augmented. The apostles were also benefited from the transfiguration process because of the fact that there were two prophets with them, Moses and Elijah and the apostles saw that both the prophets were not given the transfiguration light at the moment. The verse also means that God can do anything he wants in front of naked human eye and there is no limitation to his glory. The other part of the verse is explaining the brightness of the light that covered Jesus Face. The light was so bright and powerful that the apostles could not bear it with their naked eye and they had to lay down. The verse explains that the transfiguration did not change the face of the Jesus rather there was bright light depicting the great glory and blessing of God. The light which also covered the clothes was clearly visible on the face and though the face was not changed but there were clearly signs of glory and holy light. ...
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