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3) A one bar electric fire has a power rating of 1000W (1 kW). If the RMS voltage of the mains is 240V, find the RMS value of the current flowing in the fire and the peak values of current and voltage. Due to a fault on the mains supply, the peak voltage surges instantaneously to 1000V.


In an unloaded circuit there would be no current flow. The fuse would not blow and the power dissapated would be 0 watts. Assuming that the circuit is fully loaded at 1kW, the impedence would be 57.55 ohms, and 4.17 amps. Peak voltage would be 339.36 volts and peak current would be 5.9 amps. At a peak voltage of 1000 volts, the fire would draw 17.38 amps and would blow the 13A fuse.
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