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Oxygen Saturation - Lab Report Example

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Oxygen Saturation

My control variables were the temperature of the water, and the pH level of the water. Other, un-measureable variables included the main food supply and natural predators of the gammarus pulex. The Kick-Sampling method was used in this experiment and was found to be effective in accurately determining the number of shrimps at a specific site. Due to my findings, I have concluded the null hypothesis to be false. The number of shrimps per site is directly related to the dissolved oxygen content of said site.
There will be more gammarus pulex (fresh-water shrimps) present within a fresh-water habitat in accordance with the increase of the concentration of dissolved oxygen. If there is a greater amount of oxygen in the water, which may be affected by organic pollution, then there will be more oxygen available for the respiration of aquatic species living in the stream. As aerobic organisms, the fresh water shrimp require oxygen for their survival. I believe that Fresh-water habitats with greater amounts of dissolved oxygen will attract more gammarus pulex.
This apparatus is used to measure the flow rate of water at different sites of the river Riber Brook. It is needed due to the current preference of the gammarus pulex. This meter will be able to alleviate, or bring to attention, the possible reasons for species diversity.
This spoon will be used to count the ...
15 water sample bottles

Impellor/ flow meter
This apparatus is used to measure the flow rate of water at different sites of the river Riber Brook. It is needed due to the current preference of the gammarus pulex. This meter will be able to alleviate, or bring to attention, the possible reasons for species diversity.

Oxygen meter
The Oxygen meter is used to measure the amount of dissolved oxygen in the river Riber Brook. It is needed to record the oxygen saturation, which will be compared to the amount of gammarus pulex.

Plastic spoon
This spoon will be used to count the number of shrimps at each specific location, which will then be transferred into the palette. It is necessary to count the shrimps in order to compare to the amount of oxygen in each site.

This will be used to measure the temperature at test locations of the river Riber Brook. Temperature can affect oxygen concentration of water, so it is necessary in order to be able to explain any abnormal amount of dissolved oxygen.

This is used to collect and count the number of fresh water shrimps present. It was also used to ensure the shrimp's welfare in the test.

pH probe
This probe will be used to measure the pH of certain test sites of the water of the river Riber Brook. An abnormal pH could affect the number of shrimps collected. pH levels are recorded in order to adequately assess findings.

Pond net
This pond net is used to collect the sample of shrimp from the river. The net is used due to its efficiency at procuring shrimps, as well as its gentleness to the shrimp.

Plastic tray ( deep tray)
This will be used to hold the sample obtained from the net, so that fresh water shrimps can be identified. I have used a tray in order to ensure the ...Show more


The aim of this study was to see the effect of oxygen saturation on the number of shrimps (gammarus pulex) present within a selected test area. My hypothesis concerns the habitations of aerobic fresh-water species. I believed that as the concentration of dissolved oxygen increases, the number of shrimps present will also increase…
Author : morissetteanton
Oxygen Saturation essay example
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