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Book Report/Review
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The aim of this essay is to examine critically the article of Serefhanoglu and colleagues (2006) about their clinical experience with three combination regimens to manage high-risk febrile cases of neutropenia. …

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Using the current best evidence is a key practice of science; therefore, research articles must be read critically. Although it is not a simple process; however, it is an essential skill to develop to explore research results in an independent way. Transmission of best practice is the first step in the process of application evidence of best practice in patient care, bridging the gap between evidenced best practice and reality practice. In addition, critical reading changes attitudes and perceptions of utilizing research (Shankar and Subish, 2007). A structured framework for an article critique is a tool that brings about questions leading to better assessment of the value of a research paper. The primary aim of the structured framework is to question each section of the paper to achieve analysis then better understanding of the content (Branson, 2004). The aim of this essay is to review critically the article of Serefhanoglu and colleagues (2006) about their clinical experience with three combination regimens to manage high-risk febrile cases of neutropenia.

The article of Serefhanoglu and colleagues (2006) is an example of a quantitative research design that produces statistical data from numerical results aiming at generalization of findings (Dawson, 2002). The authors managed 89 febrile episodes (in 62 cancer patients with neutropenia) with ceftazidime and amikacin in 29 episodes, a combination of piperacillin, tazobactem and amikacin in 30 episodes, and meropenem combined with amikacin in further 30 episodes. The authors inferred all three regimens were safe and effective as empirical treatment for high-risk febrile neutropenia patients. ...
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