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X-ray Photons. - Essay Example

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X-rays are electromagnetic waves lying between UV radiation and - rays. They were discovered by German physicist, Wilhelm Rntgen. Main physical properties of X-rays could be described by the experiments where beam of x-ray photons interact with matter.

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X-ray Photons.

The intensity of beam if then given by the number of photons passing through a given area per unit time. As the intensity is also proportional to the square of the electric field it follows that magnitude of the field is quantised (Dendy & Heaton, 1999).

Thus A beam of x-ray photons is heterogenous and presents both fields: electrical and magnetic. Because X-ray beam is not originated from a point source it's divergent by its nature. In this way the magnification of the image could be achieved by the increase of the focus distance (direct dependence).

Because of the existence of two different types of photon interaction within the x-ray tube there is important what peak voltage is used. The energy of electrons depends on the voltage between the anode and cathode. Higher peak voltage produce photons with higher energy (Aichinger et al., 2003). Thus measurement of the practical peak voltage is used for the quality control of X-ray units (Ramrez-Jimnez et al., 2004).

There are some types of X-ray photons dependently on their origin and type of interaction with target atom. If the projectile electron interacts with an inner-shell electron of the target atom rather than an outer-shell electron than characteristic x-radiation can be produced (Christensen et al., 1979;). ...
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