Natural Slope Stability

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Slope stability is an important factor in the design and operation of open pit mining, quarrying and civil engineering excavation projects. In mining the design of stable slopes will have significant impact on the economics of an open pit or quarry project.


Softening of slope cause many hills and mountain to have a landslide causing damage to infrastructure and injury to some. In UK an increasing number of landslides has been occurring because of the late study of the stability of the slope. A case study will be presented to show the evaluation of the slope geotechnically.
The study considers the causes of landslides and what measures could be taken to manage the risks of these occurring and is reported elsewhere. This study also show things to consider in the effect of that climate change might have on the design and operation of roads, to identify whether any changes in current practices are required.
The focus of this study is the influence of rainfall in the stability of the natural slope.This study includes in how to predict the possible continuous rainfall to avoid landslides in many areas in UK. This paper shows the study in geotechnical way. Possible solution on many landslides are given to prevent loss of life and possible damage to properties.
The case study presented in this paper was done by the Scottish engineers, to predict possible slope instability that causes landslide because of continuous rainfall. The study location is in the road network of Scotland
In August 2004 a series of landslides in the form of debris flows occurred in Scotland. ...
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