The current state of coastal process research and the drivers for the future

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This paper encompasses a discussion of the state of coastal process research. More specifically the paper investigates the state of coastal research and examines what the driver for the future are. Coastal processes are defined and explained and the current research is then examined and the drivers for future research.


The coastal system is a large process that revolves anything in or around coastal areas.
The coast is the part of the land adjoining or near the ocean. A coastline is properly, a line on a map indicating the disposition of a coast but the word is often used to refer to the coast itself. According to Carter " the definition of a coast is something being on, near or having to do with a coast". The beach is a large protion of this system. The beach can be defined as the zone above the water line at a shore of a body of water. A beach is discernible because of the accumulation of stone, sand and/or gravel that the tide or waves deposited.
It is important to keep in mind that when referring to the coast it should be thought of as a very specific definitioncoast is a very specific efinition. When using the word coast it should only be used when it is applied to the part of an island or a continent that borders an ocean or its saltwater tributatires. (Carter 1988) There are different kinds of coasts that can be referred to. One of these is a pelagic coast. A pelagic coast is a coast which fronts the open ocean. A pelagic coast differs from a coat that I more sheltered such as in a gul or a bay. Do not confuse a coast with a shore. A shore refers to areas of the land which are connected to any large body of water. ...
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