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Globalisation: Reshaping the Geographical Imagination

(McMaster 2005, n/p)
The factors that have influenced the development of the international trade of goods and services, international investment and migration flows, and consequently blurring the political and geographic boundaries, are numerous. It is this way because the world environment itself is an extremely complex and interrelated system. Any change in one integral part of the system leads to the change in the related parts.
Thus, the economic implications of the globalisation process and its psychological effect have altered the modern conceptions of what a city is and provoked discussion on issues of urbanism and antiurbanism.
The notion of the strict separation of the urban and the rural, embodied in such iconic images as the walled city of the Middle Ages, the fortified city of the seventeenth century, the Puritan stockade staring out into the primeval forest, even the smokestacks of the industrial city viewed from the refuge of its hills, has given way to urban conglomerations that can be mapped only by satellite, a landscape in which nature is preserved only by culture. The identification of city life with civilization itself, growing out of both etymology and a Whig sense of progress as defined by urban commerce, has been called into question (Ganim 2002, p.365)
The major economic drivin ...
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During the last few decades of the twentieth century the world has turned into the stage for play called globalisation, with new entities and realities taking the leading roles. Globalisation has become one of the key factors influencing spatial, political, social, and technological aspects of the modern world geography as it literally reshapes the world we live in.
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