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Ground Reaction Force

The discussion includes the explanation of the general pattern of the Fz- and Fy- time traces an dthe change in magnitude of the Ground Reaction Force (GRF) variables between each running speed.
The paper aims to investigate the effect of increasing running speed on ground reaction force (GRF) related variables. According to the Newton's Law of Gravitation, any two objects with masses attract each other and the magnitude of this attracting force is proportional to the product of the masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance. The gravitational force acted upon an object by the earth is called gravity or weight of the object. Since we always have contact with the ground due to this gravity there is always an interaction between our bodies and the ground. The reaction from the ground is called the Ground Reaction Force (GRF). The GRF is important external force acting upon the human body in motion. This force is used as propulsion to initiate and control the movement.
A single male weighing 74kg uninjured participant was subjected to an exercise to determine the ground reaction force. ...
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A kistler force plate was used to measure the horizontal velocity of the braking phase, propulsive phase and the stance phase. Using the motion analysis data along with ground reaction force the joint moments are calculated. The Kistler Force Plates use triaxial piezoelectric force transducers mounted at the corners of each plate to measure the three components of the ground reaction force vector (vertical, anterior-posteror, and medio-lateral) throughout the stance phase of gait…
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