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Deflection of a Loaded Cantilever - Math Problem Example

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Math Problem
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1) There is very little difference between the theoretical and the measured results. There is good agreement in the theoretical and measured results though in all cases the measured results are more than the theoretical results.
2) The difference in theoretical and measured results can be due to the following reasons: a) The LVDT or DTI used to measure the deflection may not be 100% accurate, b) there are human errors while measurement, c) the surrounding temperature also causes the changes in the readings.

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Deflection of a Loaded Cantilever

3) To improve the agreement between the theoretical and measured value following care should be taken : a) LVDT or DTI instrument should accurate and it should be kept at proper place, b) readings should be taken more carefully, c) the measure may be taken in air conditioned lab so as to keep the environmental effects to minimum.
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