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Life in Discovery - Research Proposal Example

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Despite her many obstacles and lack of proper credit for work done, Rosalind Franklin made many discoveries that directly influenced the health care profession in a positive way. In her 37 years of life, Franklin's became most known for her work that led to the discovery of the structure of DNA - the familiar double helix that so many learn of today…

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Life in Discovery

Rosalind Franklin truly lived a "Life in Discovery;" that is to say that Franklin lived her life to the fullest, with the intent of shaping a better future for all, and with little concern for her personal needs or interests. Money and fame were not her motivation; rather, she is known today "for her dedication and commitment to science and is clearly a role model for students, researchers, faculty and all aspiring scientists throughout the world" (Rosalind Franklin University, 1). Essentially, Franklin worked solely to discovery new things and hoped her discoveries could make a positive impact on the world or lead to great advances in science.
I believe this is an important thought that should remain on the minds of all scientists, whichever field they choose to enter. Money appears to be an important motivation factor in much of today's world; however, to live and work under the "Life in Discovery" philosophy would mean to work for a larger purpose than money alone. Living a "Life in Discovery" would entail the embodiment of those things that Rosalind Franklin is most known for today: "dedication, hard work, intelligence and courage" (Rosalind Franklin University 1).
Although this philosophy could be taken into consideration with any professional field, I believe this philosophy to be most important within the field of science. ...
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