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Statistics Project - Research Paper Example

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Once the decision is made that the best way to answer the research problem is by means of quantitative research, there are a number of important aspects, specific to quantitative research, that need to be considered. These aspects include some basic terms, method of data collection, data capturing and editing, statistical analysis, interpretation and report writing…

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Statistics Project

So aaccording to given conditions we state that null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis will be
There are various statistical packages designed to carry out quantitative data analysis, the most widely used package is SPSS. SPSS enables the researcher to input raw data modify or reorganize the data once inputted and then perform a wide selection of analytical techniques (Blaxter, Hughes & Tight 2001).
The scales utilized within the test instruments will be designed to denote the use of detailed statistical algorithms on collected data. Preliminary data analysis will include descriptive statistics, which will encompass univariate analytic techniques such as means, modes and standard deviations, and exploratory descriptive statistics, which will ascertain if the data collected, is normally distributed.
So the Pearson correlation (r) of popularity and math scores is equal to -0.368. So according to this small value of correlation coefficient we conclude that there is a week negative association between these variables. This may imply as popularity level increases, math test scores decreases and vice versa.
We use correlation method to determine whether some variable that's not under our control is associated - correlated - with another variable of our interest. Correlational studies aim at identifying relationships between variables.
So i ...
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