How to use tactics of social influence

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Here is the notion of social influence that is given in encyclopaedia: "Social influence is when the actions or thoughts of individual(s) are changed by other individual(s). Examples of social influence can be seen in socialization and peer pressure." (Wikipedia) In case the person uses pressure, it means that someone is forced to do definite things, which we wouldn't like to do.


These are usually outside factors that provide people with power - for instance, wealth, physical attractiveness, success in career. These factors place the person to a higher position compared to other people around. So even in case the person is not powerful as politician or military man, he may also possess the power that is not so evident but is also strong and intense. The singers and actors may serve as the example of the persons that possess this kind of power. They are not powerful in political sense, but they are attractive, recognized and successful, so they may influence other people. (Wikipedia)
The researches observing social influence and social activity rapidly grow at present, as this problem is relevant in modern society. These researches may appear to be helpful in solving various social problems, as well as provide people with the measures that should be taken in case any kind of problem appears. Jan Bruins in his research observes the nature and effects of social influence and social power and their implementation in the relations of people, within the groups of people and among the groups of people. ...
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