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Human Behavioral Ecology

As a result a person develops behavioral strategies to solve different problems that are set by nature like arranging for food, mating, looking after the offspring and maintaining interactions with kin, offspring and other individual.
HBE gained popularity between 1960s and the 1970s when there was growing emphasis on animal behavior and evolutionary biology. J.B.S Haldane a British evolutionary biologist by 1956 had already argued that differences of human behavior could be analyzed as responses of different individuals with similar genetic composition exposed to varying environments. But the initial developments of HBE were in the field of foraging, drawn for the optimal foraging theory (OFT). This was because OFT was sophisticated and testable theory by 1980s and because much of the history of human species was spent as foragers. Foragers offer experiments for studying human behavioral variability. If people of today forage for living are constrained by aspects of ecology, then the variations in these limitations, the difficulties imposed by these constraints and the solutions that different individuals adopt to overcome the constraints are open to ethnographic observations. The OFT consists of a groups of models addressing resource choice, time allocation and patch choice and diet breadth model that is most commonly used in studying humans. ...
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Human behavioral ecology (HBE) refers to the application of evolutionary biological models for studying behavioral differences in humans. The evolutionary approaches for studying human behavior fall under the categories of like sociobiology, human ethology, socioecology and psychology…
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