Carbon Dioxide Reduction

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At the present era due to the tragic consequences of climate change world community is continuously facing the traumas of varied nature in their day -to-day lives. Particularly, excessive use of some lethal gases like carbon- dioxide, carbon monoxide etc. the global environment has stored more heat causing climate change and affecting people in a wider scale.


The Government's trend of putting embargo on building industry for less carbon emission is certainly a threat for it and for the people of the country as there will be created serious problems in the housing industry of the country.
Britain is now a more diverse society - ethnically and culturally - than ever before. Over the centuries, and more particularly over recent decades, the contributions of those who have come to live here have enriched our country (Community, opportunity, prosperity Annual Report 2007).
Now Britain has been planning to promote social justice among people living in it of whichever minority group or faith they belong to. A statistic of 2001 suggests that around one in twelve people were from minority ethnic communities and more than three million people were from minority faith groups. This diversity of multicultural environment has facilitated in bringing real economic and social benefits in Britain.
Immigration and continued open relationships with countries around the world have resulted in economic dynamism with more jobs and access to crucial skills, and new ideas, better public services and a richer cultural life. ...
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