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Carl Sauer, leader of dominant Berkeley School of Geography, led the impressive field of cultural geography. His influence over a generation of geographers, interested in physical, human and historical geography combined with historical methodology is well known.


His argument that 'human cultural action' that shapes the visible features of earth's surface through culture remains unquestioned. He said, culture provokes action, responses and adaptation by humans. "Culture is the agent, the natural area is the medium, the cultural landscape is the result. Under the influence of a given culture, itself changing through time, the landscape undergoes development, passing through phases, and probably reaching ultimately the end of its cycle of development. With the introduction of a different - that is an alien - culture, a rejuvenation of the cultural landscape sets in, or a new landscape is superimposed on remnants of an older one," Sauer (1925), The Morphology of Landscape." University of California Publications.
French regional geography was the effect of external forces taking place in other spheres of France. As Sauer argued, French regional geography, like any other part of the world, showed every sign, every scar and mark of history and culture on it. ...
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