Genetically Modified Foods Master Essay

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1973 was a historic year in the world of scientists. The DNA was discovered and the initial recombinant bacteria were created. This was Escherichia coli bacteria which are found in the lower section of the alimentary canal of mammals (Reilly, 2001:90). This bacterium was injected with a salmonella gene.


The concerns were that this new technology posed a risk to the environment and to the health of the people (Bedford, 2003: 89). The conference recommended that the technology be controlled by the government until it was refined and became safe. The first firm to make use of this technology was established shortly after this discovery. It was called Genentech and was owned by a person by the name of Herbert Boyer (Russell, 2004: 45). In 1978, the firm came up with another groundbreaking discovery. It created another strain of Escherichia coli. This one was capable of producing insulin, identical to that produced by the human being (Linda, 2005: 234). In the year 1980, one of the first patents for this technology was applied for. It was the first patent issued for a biological life, or creation as people liked to call it. It was a patent for a bacterium that could break down oil by eating it (Graham, 2009: 456). In 1985, the patent was made applicable to all plants that were biologically engineered.
The first large scale harvesting of these plants was in the mid 1990's. The last years of the 1990 decade saw the appearance of genetically modified foods in the shops. They were ingredients of almost two thirds of the total of American food that was processed. This technology has been opposed by many on the grounds that it is not safe to man and his environment. ...
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