Bispecific antibodies

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Cancer therapy has been the area of interest through out the history and there have been advancement in it everyday with new techniques but the results have still not been promising. Along with chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a lot more immunotherapy is the main stay of treatment as well.


In recent years, antibody therapy has become a new treatment modality for tumor patients, although the majority of responses are only partial and not long lasting. Based on evidence that effecter- cell-mediated mechanisms significantly contribute to antibody efficacy in vivo, several approaches are currently perused to improve the interaction between Fc receptor-expressing effecter cells and tumor target antigens. With this purpose the invention of monoclonal antibodies in vivo started. In the initial phase the results were not satisfactory and these antibodies in trial in vivo showed a only 20% clearance of the tumor cells but after letting it go through different formatting processes it went up to achieving 80% clearance. Bispecific antibodies have got 2 hinging sites which are specific for getting attached to immune recruiting cells and also to target antigens which are mostly transformed cells. "Bispecific antibodies (BsAb) can, by virtue of combining two binding specificities, improve the selectivity and efficacy of antibody-based treatment of human disease. ...
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