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Hip Flexion - Essay Example

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The linear velocity of the centre of mass of the rotating foot hitting the ball is directly proportional to the product of the angular velocity and the radius of rotation of the consecutive body segments and the linear velocity of the hip joint. The timing of these rotational movements is important for the impact of the foot with the ball. Putnam (1983) used the time between peak angular velocity of the thigh until the beginning of knee extension as a measure of timing during kicking with the preferred leg. Luhtanen (1988) used the interval between the shank reaching maximum angular velocity and impact as a measure of timing (Simonsen, E.B., 2002).
The acceleration of the kicking leg, in addition to the resulting velocity at impact, is concluded by the muscle forces being applied by the kicker. It has been accounted that the speed of the ball at impact was directly proportional to the calculated strength of his themes. The release velocity of the ball in regards to its timing had the strongest relationship to the maximal torque formed during the i. hip flexion, ii. Knee extension and iii. Short ankle alleviating in the kicking leg. In addition the relationship between the maximal resultant forces of the thigh and shank and the release velocity of the ball was tough. The link between the release velocity of the ball and age was elevated however less than with weight or height. Consequently the augment of the body mass means boost in the mass of the foot and this by design increases the release velocity of the ball in the kick.
A significant ability in the game of soccer is the capability to kick the ball powerfully and precisely. The instep kick is the kick which is most frequently used for the utmost force as well as distance, as for a shot on goal or a long pass. The force for the long kick is put on from the run-up into the ball, and from the movements of a maximum number of body parts. These comprise hip and trunk rotation, in addition to hip flexion, knee extension and ankle plantarflexion to shape a rigid surface for impact.
The kick with run-up creates longer and more potent kicks than the standing kick. This is due to the augmented momentum of the kicker at impact. If the kicker is moving onward straight at 4 m/s at impact with the ball, this velocity is put in to that imported by the kicking leg as it moves on the hip joint. Nonetheless, some of the horizontal velocity is vanished at the time of positioning the support foot; as the center of gravity must be held up to permit time for the full leg swing of the long kick.
Biomechanical analysis of coordination and control of soccer skills
Qualitative and quantitative methods have enabled the general characteristics and development of soccer skills such as kicking to be determined. Using qualitative methods has allowed a great deal to be learned about the characteristics of kicking and aspects of coordination and control of the skill. For example, the mature form of the soccer instep kick is characterized by an angled approach to the ball with one or more steps (Lees and Nolan, 1998). The steps leading into the kick increase body and hence foot speed, while the angled approach orientates the ...Show more


Kicking movement in football is a relatively easy series of rotational movements. During the kicking movement, the leg functions as an open kinetic chain. The motion pattern of kicking is generally accepted as a proximal-to-distal sequence of segmental motions in which the proximal segment (the thigh) initiates the movement, causing the more distal segment (shank and foot) to lag behind, followed by a deceleration of the proximal segment and an acceleration of the more distal segment just before impact (Lees, 1996; Lees and Nolan, 1998)…
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Hip Flexion
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