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Scientific Revolution

The most of the ancient Greek philosophers and scientists were depicted by Raphael in his famous School of Athens: they are pictured together and debating on different sciences. The picture expresses the power and greatness of ancient Greek science and the admiration for the famous antique scientists who originated the initial scientific knowledge on the Earth. Thales was the first Greek scientist and philosopher who tried to explain the nature of our world by scientific methods. His works on geometry and astronomy gave the origin of our knowledge on the Earth and its place in the Universe. Anaximander, as Thales follower, supposed the Earth to be a cylindrical form which is in the centre of the Universe. It is surrounded by air and the arch of haven with stars on it as the holes of the arch. Anaximenes added this notion by supposing that stars are fixed to the haven arch which is rotating around the Earth. Pythagoras who lived in the 6th century B.C. supposed another model of the Earth. He asserted that our planet has a spherical form and surrounded by fixed stars. He and his followers believed in cosmos as well-organized substance. Pythagoras ideas influenced the notions on the Earth for some centuries. Socrates who lived in the 5th century B.C. contributed a lot in the development of philosophy by his method of inquiry which is based on the dialogue. ...Show more


Geography is a science which describes the surface of the Earth. This word derives from two Greek words: Gaea, which means "Earth", and graphein, which means "to describe" and "to write". Geography development is the development of human knowledge about our planet describing…
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