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X-Ray Technician Workloads. - Research Paper Example

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Author : liamquigley


The working conditions of x-ray technicians are extremely important to ensure efficient and effective patient processing. To date there is little empirical research investigating workplace practices of x-ray technicians or regular monitoring of x-ray center procedures…

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X-Ray Technician Workloads.

It was found that there was a strong correlation between patient satisfaction and daily workload (r =.80). Hence, the hypotheses were partly supported. The relationship between x-ray technician specialty and patient satisfaction was insignificant. It is anticipated that this study will contribute to further understanding the workplace dynamics of x-ray centers.

There is increasing realisation that for x-ray technicians to be capable of optimum performance that they need post-graduate training as a specialist. However, extended study at university is not always a feasible option for the x-ray operator, due to economic, personal or cultural factors. Also, it is important that the health care provided by practioners meet the needs of the community, and as such, most x-ray technicians find themselves needing to be multi-taskers as practioners (White & McKay, 2004). Further, recent studies indicate the sincere threat of a shortage of x-ray technicians in the immediate future (Patterson, Skillman, & Hart, 2004). Hence, it appears that the workplace conditions for x-ray staff are, at present, somewhat confusing. This workplace atmosphere may influence the quality of patient care, and it is anticipated that investigation of patient satisfaction and x-ray technician workload will shed light on the topic, at least within a hospital in the UK. ...
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