Hydrographic Surveying

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Hydrography is a science that produces charts and maps with points that have the following characteristics - they show latitudinal and longitudinal position, they show depth of water at that position with chronological compatibility to tidal variations and they also show distance from particular land features like coastline indentures (Mason, 2007).


Since then the science has evolved from a crude form of conjecture to a fairly accurate predictive one.
This paper prepares a report form of investigation in which the implications of converting hydrographic surveying based on single-beam echo sounders to multiple-beam ones shall be studied and considered in detail to assess feasibility and functional efficacy with particular reference to Medway Ports, UK. To initiate this noble venture it is first necessary to study a little of Medway Port, Kent, UK, especially in detail to its known navigation features.
The Medway Ports authorities define the Medway River as one of the principal trade arteries of the United Kingdom with particular utility to the South East of England through which this river flows before ending into the sea strategically near to the English Channel and the North Sea (Overview, Medway Ports, 2007). This proximal position to two main European trade routes, the port's efficient functionality and its easy accessibility to its hinterland by road, rail and water has eventually evolved it into a port of choice for many export and import operators. Cargoes such a fresh produce, forest products, new vehicles and steel and containers pass through it to and fro British soil (Overview, Medway Ports, 2007).
Actually, the ...
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