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Data Analysis and Interpretation - Research Paper Example

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Research Paper
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This section presents the analysis and interpretation of the data. The questions identified in the problem were used as the basis for the presentation. The sequence of the structure includes tables, analysis and interpretation of the data.
The study used the responses on the questionnaires which was divided by three sections; SECTION A consumer's behaviour by type of factor affecting their wine purchase and familiarity; SECTION B Product-specific regional image (Human factor, Natural factor, and climatic factor), Product attribute perception (quality dimension, health dimension, exclusivity dimension), Attitude towards region of origin, and SECTION C Respondents profile.

Extract of sample
Data Analysis and Interpretation

Using the value 0.05 level of significance, F-statistics, and an Analysis of variance (ANOVA) test, the df num value is k-1, or 2 -1, or 1 and the df den value is T-k, or 150 - 2, or 148. So, with = 0.05, the critical value of F in this analysis of variance test was F0.05 (1, 148) = 253. Since computed F (FC) is less than Tabulated F (FT), Ho is accepted, which states that the British consumers' perception of "Rioja" wine attributes is affected by the image factors of "La Rioja" origin.
In other words, the result of the "Analysis of Variance" (ANOVA) shows that the computed F, 1.117 is less than the tabular values of F-statistics, 253 at 0.05 degrees of freedom, 1, 148. This denotes that the British consumers' perception of "Rioja" wine attributes is affected by the image factors of "La Rioja" origin.
The resultant R square value is 0.007. This is very far from the point of reference value 1. ...
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