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Paired associates learning enhanced by imagery

Thirty-seven members were assigned to the imagery (experimental condition) and thirty-eight participants were assigned to the repetition condition (control). Data from each section were combined in the analysis. A set of 80 common, concrete nouns were provided in an appendix of Neath's text Human Memory. With the use of a random numbers table, 20 random pairs were created. Each subject participated in just one condition and the responses were divided into two groups: 1) word pairs 1-10; 2) word pairs 11-20. These conditions enabled the distinction of what factors have an effect on the performance of the participants, the subjects themselves or the order of the stimuli. Group data was analyzed T test. Result did not show any significant result (p> 0.05) deviated from the null hypothesis of equal contribution at the level of significant 0.05 for the overall effect of order (1-10 vs. 11-20). However, the effect of order showed significance for the imagery rehearsal condition. The total average of right answers by the participants showed a greater improvement for those in the imagery rehearsal condition. In conclusion imagery rehearsal condition enhances performance in paired associates learning.
Paired-associate learning was "invented by Mary Whiton Calkins in 1894 and involves the pairing of two items (usually words)-a stimulus and a response" ("Paire ...
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Which is more effective as a rehearsal tool visual imagery or verbal repetition' Despite numerous researches, it is questionable whether imagery instructions enhance the performance of an individual in paired associated learning. Furthermore, it is doubtful that verbal memory is better than visual memory in tasks such as recognition and identification…
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