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1 a.) Monohybrid cross: A monohybrid cross is a breeding experiment between parental generation organisms that differ in one trait. Monohybrid inheritance involves inheritance of a single trait. A monohybrid cross between two pure breeding plants, one that is a tall plant (dominant trait) and the other that is a short plant (recessive trait) is expected to produce an F1 (first) generation of plants that are al tall because the allele of tallness would dominant to shortness in the offspring produced.


The expected phenotype of F2 generation would be 75% tall plants and 25% short plants. In F2 generation 25% of plants would be tall but would be homozygous for their trait of tallness. Another 50% of plants would also be tall but would be heterozygous for their trait of tallness while the remaining 25% of would be short and would be recessive for their trait.
Dihybrid cross: A dihybrid cross is a cross between two individuals that involves two pairs of contrasting characteristics. If two plants that are pure bred (homozygous) for two contrasting traits for example one plant that is tall and produce yellow seeds (both dominant traits) and the other plant that is short and produces green seeds (both recessive traits) are crossed with other, than the F1 generation produced would be all heterozygous for both characteristics. But only dominant trait would appear in the phenotype of F1 generation and all plants of this generation would appear tall and would produce yellow seeds. ...
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