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Research Methods in Education

Qulittive reserch tends to be ssocited with prticipnt observtion nd unstructured, in-depth interviewing.
The methods of dt collection with which qulittive reserch is ssocited hve been employed by socil scientists for mny yers. The best-known of these methods is prticipnt observtion, which entils the sustined immersion of the resercher mong those whom he or she seeks to study with view to generting rounded, in-depth ccount of the group, orgniztion, or whtever. Unstructured interviewing, in which the resercher provides
miniml guidnce nd llows considerble ltitude for interviewees, is lso fvoured technique. Most prticipnt observers conduct t lest modicum of such interviewing, but some qulittive reserchers use it more or less exclusively. The ims of such interviewing re quite different from the fmilir survey pproch. While some qulittive reserchers mke use of n interview schedule, others operte with loose collection of themes which
qulittive reserch strtegy ws used in this study becuse this method fits better the chosen topic. Prticipnt observtion nd unstructured interviewing re the centrl dt gthering plnks since in this wy it ws possible to get closer to the people tht were investigted nd be less inclined to impose inpproprite conceptul frmeworks on them.
Quntittive reserch is ssocited with number of different pproches to dt co ...Show more


mixed methodologicl pproch ws employed in this study. The primry method ws qulittive nlysis (content nlysis) of dt collected through personl interviews. mesuring instrument ws developed for this purpose. It ws bsed on the literture review, three interviews with techers nd the results from quntities nlysis of surveys…
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