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Invasive Species

However, on the southern coastlines, loss of mussel Perna perna's habitat has not been as extensive to the competing Mediterranean native mussel Mytilis galloprovincialis.
On land, acacia species have been most detrimental to the bioregion, as their land usage expands rapidly. Mature acacias proliferate their seeds and access huge expanses of land. The acacia species Acacia dealbata, Acacia mearnsii, Acacia longifolia, Acacia baileyana, Acacia decurrens, and Acacia Cyclops have overtaken more indigenous species, by changing soil nutrition and taking habitat. The difficulty in controlling acacias is problematic due to the community's use of many acacia species as kindling. Likewise, acacia species stabilise the soil; indeed they were introduced by agriculturalists for the very reason. While having stabilized the soil, they've encroached on the South African fynbos vegetation. At the same time, the increased agricultural usage of the land has hindered the nesting habits of the bird species Black Harriet Circus maurus. ...
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The biodiversity of Southern Africa is one of the richest in the world. It has been totalled that the area maintains 10,000 known marine fauna and flora species (Branch, 2005). Many of these species are endemic to the region, and therefore are particularly susceptible to extinction, as there will be no other place to find them, if it happens that they're overtaken by invasive alien species…
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