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Research for Study Purposes

2. Professional mode - to be found in professional journals, magazines and newspapers. Its purpose is to 'add to practical knowledge' and its audience is mainly practising professionals, teachers and others engaged in the educational service.
3. Pedagogic mode- to be found in research assignments, dissertations and theses. Its purpose is to 'demonstrate to a tutor, and possibly and external examiner, that the student is learning to conduct systematic, critical and self-critical enquiry.' - found in professional journals.
Whatever type of research an individual is carrying out, there are different sources which can be used, all of which have both positive and negative aspects. Source materials include books, journals, internet, CD Rom's, video / DVD's, audiotapes, magazines and newspapers. All of these sources are secondary forms of information. Dependant on the nature and purpose of research being carried out it may be deemed both viable and valuable to carry out primary research. Such methods may include focus groups, one to one interviews or questionnaires / surveys. The success of which will to a large extent depend upon the professional nature, skill and ability of the interviewer / conductor or question setter. ...
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Research of information is a very important part of the learning curve, finding information which helps the learner to enhance their learning and understanding. Research skills are of value to all subject areas of study. Research skills are thus extremely import and valuable transferable skills for all students…
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