Climate Change Master Essay

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One of the most discussed issues of recent times has been the changes prevailing in global environment. It is high time that every one should understand their responsibility in creating a better environment, both for the present and future. It is necessary to understand how each action taken by us bears a consequence on the environment and in turn, how the changes affect us.


The governing bodies all over the world are in need of having a new perspective on this depleting ecosystem, to preserve it, to provide long term good health for all the people, all over the world. The continued stability of the life supporting systems of the biosphere weighs heavily on the actions taken by the government. With temperatures rising everyday and with pollution going overboard, it is time for the UK government to start taking steps to minimize the rate of depletion, the environment is going through. Thereby, a better future can be ensured in the coming years.
Environmental changes refer to the drastic change taking place in air, water, climate and other natural activities, globally. Though climate change has been widely acknowledged, there is still an uncertainty on how large and how fast the predicted effects will be on the environment. Several events in the recent past such as the hurricane Katrina in South Atlantic and the heat waves which took hundreds of lives in Europe, certainly raised questions over stability of climate. All of these cannot be attributed only to climate change. But certainly, it becomes the frontrunner when these events are predicted to occur more in future.
Global warming is the main cause for the climate change happening all over the world. ...
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