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Research Methodolgy

A method of a certain research depends on the type of research conduction and approaches used in the study. The study can be Quantitative type or a Qualitative Research.
Quantitative methodologies assume that collected data are measurable, or if they are not, it is necessary to design an experiment or computer simulation in a way that respective measurements can be taken. Once the measurements are done, the problem is to fit (in a broad sense) the data adequately. Derived dependencies are then interpreted in the context of the initial problem formulation with a possible test of the hypothesis about the nature of the data and the errors in the measurements. In qualitative methods, the interest is centered on the qualitative characteristics of the phenomenon. Rather than trying to quantify every detail, these methods try to grasp the
Quantitative and qualitative methods are relatively distinctive in the emphasis they position on each (Stake, 1995). For quantitative inquiries, argumentation is based on a demonstration of the phenomenon as a fixed set of variables. There, systematic statistical or further functional relations between the factors or variables. ...
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In conducting researches in the field of allied health sciences, the most critical part is probably the execution of research plan which are indicated under "research methodology". Methodology is the section that specifically describes how the overall research plan is designed, who will participate and how shall they be selected, the time frame of the study, area/s where to carry out the investigation, the manner of data gathering, data processing and management, as well as the analysis, discussions, and interpretation of results…
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