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Environmental Geology - Essay Example

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The lower rock was formed by magmatic rocks in Permian period about 250 million years ago. Permian period is well known for tectonic motion and was a geological epoch characterized by the collapse of Pangaea -the integral continent on earth. Volcano activity was very common during that epoch which caused the creation of granite, basalt and other types of solid magmatic rocks in entrails…

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Environmental Geology

As the tectonic activity continued during next several million years the initial rock had influenced a series of future changes as the empty cracks in the rock were again filled with liquid magma, which later formed crystal fractions inside the granite mass.
The irregular and wavy structure of granite rock witnesses for tectonic and geological activity at the primary stage of rock formation, when the future granite formation was under a high temperature and was plastic for deformations. The motion of tectonic plates and elevation caused wavy structure. Besides it was prompted by changing climate and outside physical influence such as weathering and changing temperature regime.
The second unit of the outcrop is represented by sandstone which is a sedimentary rock. The presence of sandstone witnesses for the absence of serious tectonic and geological changes in later geological epochs. The next geological periods in this outcrop starting from Triassic and up to Jurassic in Mesozoic era are characterized by the presence of sea life in that region. It means that the territories taken by magmatic and granite deposits were gradually flooded by sea waters. ...
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