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Counterfactual History

The causal ordering follows to provide modal categories for the factual propositions. In this system the logical contradiction is resolved by ordering the factual propositions. These will be according to the causal categories. 1
The counterfactual cause involves the unconventional views from the point of Niall Ferguson a Scottish Historian. These views are regarding the imperialism and the origins of conflict in the twentieth century. He is a specialist in financial and economic history. His recent publication is 'The War of the World" in 2006. He has become historian inspired by AJP Taylor. Ferguson's significance lies in his well versed nature in economic matters as he was in history matters. He wrote a book named cash nexus arguing that the money makes the world go around is wrong and proved that the human actins are more important for history to go around. He feels that the US is not sufficiently in the affairs of the world. In his books Colossus and Empire, he shows potential virtues of US when compared to British Empire. He also analyzed the World War I that generated much controversy. In that he suggested that it could have been more beneficial to Europe if Britain has stayed out of the war by Germany making a win. 2
2.1Fergusson's Significance: He is considered as a leading champion of counterfactual history that involves the counterfactual cause. ...
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The causal ordering is defined in a complete structure. In history the compilation of the answers for the 'what if' questions for the incidents in the history can be termed as counterfactual cause. There will be a question about its identification in the mechanisms of a system…
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