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Climate Change in Latin America and the Caribbean

The glaciers in Columbia are vanishing and there are hurricanes not only in Central America but even in southern Brazil. The result of these phenomena will have debilitating effects on fisheries, coral reefs, water availability and agriculture. It will also result in an imbalance as the fragile ecosystem will not be in position to tolerate the increasing carbon level in the atmosphere as also the degrading effects of deforestation (Climate change threatens Latin America and the Caribbean).
One may wish to turn the clock back and work on an agenda that may trigger the momentum to restore the ecological balance. The good news is that attempts are made in the direction of this restoration. The outcome of these attempts may take decades or even centuries to realize the desired effects. Nevertheless, the issue is survival of mankind with the rest of the plants and animals. Hence, every little contribution towards revival of the original environment has exponential effects in the improvement of the entire region.
The increase in the amount of carbon in the air poses dire problems. It will raise sea level by 15 to 95 cm by 2100 AD. Heavy rains, floods, drought, desertification could result in colossal unsettlement and disease such as malaria and cholera. ...
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There is a change brewing in the climatic conditions of Latin America and the Caribbean islands. The news is not very cheerful for the region known for its abundant water bodies and natural habitats. The Amazon rainforests form the biggest landmass of tropical vegetation in Latin America and the climate change does not augur well for these forests either…
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