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Organization Theory and Design by Daft, RL

Rites of Renewal: The 'culture fit' after a long time in practice wanes its characteristics. To rejuvenate the organization with more or less the same culture-specific new rites are implemented from time to time. They are essentially system-supportive; and enthuse in the employees' mind a hope that their expectation is being realized, so that they reinforce their motivation in the organization as before.
Rites of Passage: They help in new recruitments in the organization. The pre-training in the military and the police, extensive and intensive testing, screening, counseling, group discussion, interviews and assessment exercises are examples of these rites.
Rites of Integration: These rites foster social co-relation by reviving common feelings and realsing individuals' commitment to the bound to the organization. They attempt at bringing people of different hierarchy through recreational activities like giving parties, picnic and joining en mass the common eating, drinking, dancing and other exchange performances.
1(b). Mission Culture: The 'mission culture' is as defined by D Denison in 'Corporate Culture and organizational Effectiveness' (1990) is a hypothesis that concentrates on certain values, goals and cultures (or subcultures) to achieve within a timescale. For this it lays a set of shared definition of the function and purpose for an organization. ...
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1(a). Rites are those elaborate but 'planned sets of activities that consolidate various forms of cultural expression into organized events, which are carried out through social interaction, usually for the benefit of an audience' (Beyer and Trice, 1988:42).
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