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Essay example - The intrusion of new technologies into the life-world lies at the heart of the story about 20th century modernity

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Introduction: In recent times, the bombardment of innovation and technology on development and competitiveness, on the social and economical fronts, has gained recognition from a wide range of academic disciplines. Cairncross (1997) said, "In half a century's time, it may well seem extraordinary that millions of people once trooped from one building (their home) to another (their office) each morning, only to reverse the procedure each evening…

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For the modern geographer, the nature of time and space, the relationship between technological innovation and social space, the implications of the modern condition in the construction of subjectivity in the context of the technological advancements especially the impact of industrialization and the spread of manufacturing houses in the twentieth century, become essential studies. Use of technology has provided a choice, to act responsibly given the type of tool in hand or, to reject; to choose selectively and communally and to make a conscious choice of weeding out the superfluous and bettering what is perceived to be good (Robinson, 2001). This dissertation shall analyze the advent and progress of industrialization, concept of factories as the spatial basis of modernity, its impact on the society its, especially in relation to the concepts of time and space, and the economic implications, through various perspectives of modern philosophers and geographers like, Max Weber, David Nye, Michel Foucault, Georg Simmel, Marshall Berman, Henri Lefebvre, to name a few. ...
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