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The aim of the present work is to assess the relative advantages and disadvantages of the main job analysis method. With this aim we will have to give brief introduction into what job analysis is, what are the main methods and what are the key issues with these methods at present.


It is stated, that job analysis is 'a process used to identify the important tasks of a job and the essential competencies an individual should possess to satisfactorily perform the job'. (Clifford, 1994) The purposes of job analysis are multiple, as well as there are multiple methods for conducting it.
The aim of the work is to distinguish the main strengths and weaknesses of the job analysis methods existing at present, with trying to identify the most effective among them, if it appears to be possible; it is also necessary to try defining, which methods are mostly applicable in various instances, and should there be made any amendments to the job analysis methods, which are not most often used. The reasons for conducting the present research are the following:
2. It is not yet understood, whether there is the need for the creation of any new methods, with the aim of which it is necessary first to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the existing methods.
The arguments to follow in the work will be based first of all, on the literary sources used in the present work, which are four and are represented by the peer reviewed journal articles and books on the topic. The arguments will also be based on the discussion of the existing advantages and disadvantages of the methods. The main aims of the answer are to be specified as follows:
The conclusion to be reached will be based on the set aims, a ...
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