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Comparative planetology

* "Negative values of rotation period indicate that the planet rotates in the direction opposite to that in which it orbits the Sun. This is called retrograde rotation". From the above table it can be implied that retrograde rotation is followed by Venus, Uranus and Pluto in the whole solar system (Windows to the Universe, UCAR, 2000-2005).
"The eccentricity (e) is a number which measures how elliptical orbits are. If e=0, the orbit is a circle. All the planets have eccentricities close to 0, so they must have orbits which are nearly circular" (Windows to the Universe, UCAR, 2000-2005).
As it is obvious from the table 1 above that the number of moons varies from 0 for Mercury and Venus to 60 for Jupiter. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are denser, rocky and called Terrestrial Planets in contrast to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, which are less dense, gas-rich and are called Jovian Planets. Rings are present around Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune with the exception being Pluto. No rings are present around the terrestrial planets Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. ...
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The article Comparative Planetology first gives in a comparative tabular form with data of all the planets and a brief introduction to various planetary properties. Then the article deals at length about various properties such as Magnetic properties and four different activities effecting geology, uniqueness of planet earth followed by references.
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