Ethical Clinical Research

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'Researchers must be particularly aware of vulnerability of some participants.'(Parahoo200 6:117): Critically analyse the ways in which researchers can minimise harm to vulnerable patients participating in research within the NHS.
Ethical research practice requires a consideration of duties and ethical responsibilities to research participants, professional and academic colleagues, research sponsors and the wider public.


Meeting the diverse needs of these stakeholders generates a number of questions and sometimes conflicts about responsibilities and values, where the most important philosophical need would be to carry out research in a way sensitive to the needs of participants in the field (Chadwick and Tadd, 1992, 7-63).
Some basic issues in research ethics centre on special levels of protection and aid for vulnerable and disadvantaged parties, when a research is contemplated involving their participation. These issues cut across clinical ethics, public health ethics and research ethics (Nursing and Midwifery Council, 2002a). When individuals lack the ability to select the approach that would be most consistent with their values and preferences, it is inappropriate to give them control over their consent to a research (Royal College Of Nursing Research Society, 2004). Vulnerable persons usually need the protection of a trustworthy individual to make decisions on their behalf. ...
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