Weight Loss and Triglyceride Level.

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In economically affluent countries and in some developing countries, obesity is a health problem. The connection between obesity and premature death from hypertension and coronary heart disease is well established. The basic cause of obesity is over-nutrition


A diet containing more energy than needed may lead to prolonged postprandial hyperlipidaemia and to deposition of triglycerides in adipose tissues resulting in obesity. From a practical point of view, all hypotheses regarding the genesis of obesity can be put down to over-nutrition, meaning a hyper-energy food intake. If at all a relationship exists, this could make a sound basis for preventive and therapeutic recommendations (Anderson, J.W. and Hoie, L.H., 2005).

Elevation of serum cholesterol is one of the factors that carry an increased risk for the development of coronary heart disease. Today, there is a vast body of evidence demonstrating a triangular causal relationship between habitual diet, blood cholesterol-lipoprotein levels, and coronary heart disease. In a very large proportion of individuals with a raised cholesterol level, the blood concentration of the triglycerides is also markedly increased. It has been claimed that correlation between triglycerides and coronary heart disease is as good as that between serum cholesterol and coronary heart disease. Research work has suggested that triglyceride levels may act as significant independent risk factors for coronary heart disease. Both cholesterol and triglycerides are associated with specific proteins in the plasma to form lipoproteins (Van Gaal, L.C., Mertens, I.L., and Ballaux, D., 2005). ...
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