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motivation as central to successful management

Logically then, when utilizing qualitative methods, a hypothesis is not required prior to the data gathering phase as the researcher reaches their conclusions as the data is being collected.
Quantitative research, on the other hand, is more involved with the gathering of empirical data, numbers and statistics. As quantitative analysis is more concrete in nature, as it deals with figures as opposed to words which can be interpreted, quantitative analysis is perceived to be more logical in nature. Also, when using this method, the researcher is generally categorized as an impartial observer as opposed to an active participant. Logically, with quantitative research the basic premise of the research needs to be defined prior to the data collection. Therefore, a hypothesis needs to be established prior to the commencement of data collection ("The qualitative", 2006).
Due to the empirical foundations of quantitative research many people feel that it is more scientific in nature and therefore 'better'; however, this is not necessarily true. The main determinant in arriving upon a research methodology is the type of data collection method that best achieves the goals of the researcher. ...
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As with any research project determining the best methodology to gather data when conducting research is of paramount importance to ensure success of one's research project. Inevitably, when a discussion arises concerning methodology, there is the usual debate over the pros and cons of quantitative analysis versus qualitative analysis…
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