Flutter Velocity

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1. Flutter is a dynamic instability of an elastic body (wing or fin) in an airstream and like divergence the only forces necessary to produce flutter are those due to the deflection of an elastic structure from its initially un-deformed state.
2. The flutter velocity or critical speed UF and frequency 'F are defined respectively as the lowest airspeed and corresponding circular frequency at which an elastic body flying at a given atmospheric pressure and temperature will exhibit sustained harmonic oscillation.


10. Please note the two equations presented here are an approximation based on steady flow flutter assumptions and are only valid for ''/'h > 1 and mass ratio (') < 10. Where, ''/'h is the ratio of the natural torsion frequency to the natural bending frequency.
The discussion in the previous section of the Pines' flutter velocity approximation (used on the main screen) is based on quasi-steady aerodynamic assumptions. Therefore, as stated in An Introduction to the Theory of Elasticity, the Pines' approximation is practical for determining flutter velocity of low speed aircraft and model rockets. However, high speed aircraft and model rockets require the linearized aerodynamic theory represented by Theodoren's function, F(k) + i G(k) and implemented on the new Torsion-Flexure (2-D) Unsteady Flutter analysis screen in FinSim 4. ...
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