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By the beginning of the twenty-first century, the gradual but discernible increase in the mean temperature of the Earth had become manifest in myriad ways, such as coastal flooding, loss of species, increasing incidences of drought and melting glaciers. Recent climate change is recognised as fundamentally a problem brought about by human actions, with ultimately the survival of humanity and ecosystems at stake.


While it is increasingly accepted by a growing number of policy makers that action needs to be taken immediately to address climate change, it is politically difficult to do so when the impacts, in most parts of the world, are still insignificant. This is a classic 'Catch 22'. When it is possible to take decisive action to prevent catastrophe, the lack of major impacts justifies delays; but when the impacts are all too clear and the need for drastic action is recognised it may be too late.
Effective and well-founded climate policies require a careful and informed analysis of the problem, and the possible options available for addressing it. This book aims, in part, to make such a contribution. Drawing from theories and evidence from the natural and social sciences A Warming World introduces and discusses some of the various claims and counterclaims that are made about climate change, the economic costs of action, the barriers to international cooperation, the security implications of climate change, and some of the technical, political and ethical issues involved in seeking low carbon energy alternatives to coal and oil.
The intention is not only to explore climate policy making, but also to illuminate some ideas, debates and challenges that arise in environmental policy making more broadly. ...
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