Stem Cell Research

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Advancements in human society have never come easy. After years of debate, when the earth was finally declared round, there still were nay-sayers who took biblical mentions of the four corners of the earth' as proof of its flatness and denounced proponents of this new theory.


It is nobody's case that stem cell research is a bad thing. Each one of us hopes for a day when no disease will be categorized as incurable', and the potential in this line of work to realize that dream is plain for all to see. The controversy that stem cell research has provoked - sharply dividing public opinion and placing the government and President Bush in a quandary -- has to do with an ethical concern over the use of embryos.
Why must embryos be utilized Why not depend on adult stem cells instead and get on with the research without causing any harm to the subject Scientists have good reason for this. Stem cell research has at its core a kind of cell called pluripotent' -- essentially an innocent' cell which has not begun to develop into any specific tissue - such as blood or brain or heart cells. But this state of innocence lasts only three to five days, and if scientists can seize on this small window of opportunity, they can isolate and coax it to develop into any of the 220 types of human cell lines. Which in turn can be used to repair or replace specific tissue and treat any disease that involves tissue degeneration - such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, afflictions in the central nervous system, Type 1 diabetes, liver malfunctions etc. ...
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