Qualitative Research Essay

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Modern organisational theory and applied science demonstrate increasing sophistication of research methods and demands to the research process itself. This tendency is fully in line with the sophistication turn observed in the majority of research fields. Thus according to different sources, almost 90% of modern surveys in social, natural and applied sciences utilize different kinds of research methods and further computerized procession of data (Bishop, 2005).


Properly selected and carefully employed research methods are a critically important part of any type of study either a survey or analysis of existing quantitative data. Correctly (from methodological perspective) received and interpreted data would provide a researcher with a variety of information and findings concerning different aspects of problem researched.
The abovementioned makes the question of methods effectiveness and appropriateness to each certain case extremely important. This project will examine appropriateness and effectiveness of qualitative research methods in organisational studies as well as provide overview of the specific characteristics and methods of qualitative research.
Historically, quantitative approaches and methodologies have been the first and foremost choice in the area of professional organizational and management research. The quantitative bias can probably be explained by the origins of modern organizational science which relies heavily on the natural sciences such as mathematics, economics, and sociology. ...
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