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In analyzing the article exploring the relationship and effects of hydrotherapy and hydrotherapeutic environment to the engagement levels of people with learning and severe physical disabilities, ten important points emerged as information that were found missing or unavailable in the article reported, which may cause the reader and the authors' audience to question the validity and reliability of the study.


That is, communication must be determined based on the different dimensions that surround this concept, which include, among others, the ability of the disabled individual to communicate through speech and nonverbal communication, as well as understand communication from other people, or as the message is being transmitted to him/her. When the dependent variable is clearly determined and defined-that is, effectively operationalized-the authors will be able to state the generalizability of the results of the study in terms of communication, and specifically in the context of the participants' experiences as individuals with either learning or physical disabilities.
2) While communication is just one facet of the variable engagement level, engagement level as a dependent variable was also not clearly stated in the article. In this particular variable, the measures through which communication was identified as such was not only restrictive, but are also limited or few in scope. ...
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