Renewable Energy Master Essay

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Renewable energy has been one of the major issues of concern in the recent past around the globe. This is mainly due to the fact that climate change has come to the lime light due to the many effects being witnessed. The changes range from the devastating Tsunami which remains in the memories of many, the El Nino and the melting of the Poles which is the causative of the highlighted effects.


These are countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom amongst other developed countries. (Ruddiman 2005) The focus mainly has shifted to these countries due to their great contribution to carbon gases originating from their vast industries. Many countries have been responsive whereas others have remained adamant on their earlier stands and carbon pollution has remained as high as was first recorded.
The case is however different with the United Kingdom which has established policies to oversee the reduction of carbon emissions from its industries. This campaign has not only been directed at the large scale producers but has also formed a mechanism whereby environmental consciousness is instilled to the very last individual in the consumption line. One way of making this ambitious plan work is tax cuts for those who have enacted measures of cutting down the measures; this is mainly seen in the commercial producers who receive these cuts based on the level of pollution cut. The other is compensation for use of alternative fuel besides fossil; which has been associated with high pollution levels over time. ...
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