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Qualitative Research Procedures

i. Qualitative Research: This allows exploring even the traits like attitudes, perceptions or beliefs. Such research activity requires in-depth study of the subject. Albert Einstein once said1, "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts". The qualitative research is meant to take care of such situations actually.
ii. Quantitative Research: This type of research calls for mathematical modelling and analysis of data collected during the process of research. It is more structured than qualitative and calls for quantification of data together with generalising the results.
Talking about the comprehensive approach adopted during a qualitative research activity, Myers (2002) stated, "In communicating or generating the data, the researcher must make the process of the study accessible and write descriptively so tacit knowledge may best be communicated through the use of rich, thick descriptions". The qualitative research in turn is further divided into two types namely; Direct research and Indirect research. Though at times, both these types appear to lead in similar direction, yet the procedures with which research is carried out often brings out many differences amongst these two types. ...
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Undertaking a research is considered an important milestone for a student as it helps him/her in applying the skills learnt during the course together with the analytical skills. Research plays an important role in finding an innovative to many issues while assisting in pointing out the root cause of any problem…
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