Molecular Identity Essay

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The principal aim of this paper is to introduce a research project that will investigate the molecular identity and expression patterns of the potassium-coupled chloride cotransporter KCC2 in cultured murine (caspase-activated deoxyribonuclease) CAD cell lines.


The paper, instead, expounds upon the seven cation-coupled chloride cotransporters that have been described to date with specific emphasis placed on KCC2. The cotransporter KCC2 is evident in neuronal processes with specific preference for inhibitory ones where ergic action is relevant. KCC2 action precedes the ergic one as the KCC2 action brings down the intracellular chloride concentration to optimum levels to make it possible for ergic action. The phylogenetic, molecular and structural-functional details of the cotransporters have also been provided with special emphasis on KCC2. The CAD cell line, new in studies like this, has been introduced. The cell line exhibits catecholaminergic voltage dependent currents across membranes. Specific experimentation details have not been provided. A 5708 nucleotide region of the SLC12A5 gene that encodes the KCC2 cotransporter protein was probed with two 20 bp bits, left and right primer details in Appendix, with RT-PCR analysis. The resulting 206-nucleotide insert was perfectly amplified with one complement in the RT-PCR at temperatures varying from C - C. mRNA isolated from undifferentiated and differentiated murine CAD cells were used for the analysis. ...
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