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Technology has actually shrunk the world, and no line of ingenuities that made it possible than the advancement of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), as you cannot separate them in recent times. Its versatility has been attested through its application from homes to industrial settings, from entertainment to advanced scientific endeavors.


The rise of ICT and electronics brought tremendous advancement to communications technology which had grown from the ordinary Morse code, to simple telephony, and recently through visual telecommunication, and finally to the advent of wireless systems.
The impact of this progress hastened the speed and the convenience of delivering and receiving valuable information with vividness and precision. Modern society has become so agile with the fast pace of life, businesses, and the need for mobile technologies has also increased. Developments cope with these needs and telecommunications became mobile with cellular pagers, cellular phones, and recently with mobile videophones. Surely telecommunications is accessible wherever you are in the world. If this technology did exist during WWII, Pearl Harbor tragedy could not have happened.
The pace of development along the field of ICT and telecommunication seems so fast that new technologies emerged and changes in monthly basis. Ideas keep coming out every single day and before you know it, what is in today is pass' by the end of the semester. Take for example the emergence of wireless communication technologies. ...
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